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The primary goal of the FFMC is to enhance and supplement educational deficiencies in the arts, specifically music, caused by repetitive school budget cuts. Through private donations, the FFMC is able to hire professional musicians to assist teachers, conduct workshops, provide scholarships, and give students unique performance training opportunities throughout the community.


Music is very spiritual, it has the power of bringing people together.    -   Edgar Winter


Why we Teach Music:

Not because we expect you to major in music;

Not because we expect you to sing all your life (but please do so if you feel like it); Not so you can relax, not so you can have fun (even though we want you to do that too); 

But so you will be...human. So you will recognize beauty. So you will be sensitive. So you will be closer to an infinite beyond this world.

So you will have something to cling to. So you will have more love, compassion, gentleness, good -- in short, more life!

Of what value will it be to make a prosperous living unless you know how to live?

~ Source unknown


During these crazy times of Covid-19, the musicians of the FFMC have created an amazing music video. There were 48 different video clips, and Glen Fisher's (audio) and Tom Zizzi's (video) magic created this amazing music video! Please enjoy and share and if you feel generous, donate! Thank you all and stay healthy and safe, and even though this project was a lot of fun, we hope we will be able to get back together in the near future, because WE MISS YOU!  QUARANTINE MUISC VIDEO Stand by Me  - 

youtube- First Friday Club September 2005 video

Soul Arch  at the 2016 Salute to Teachers Awards

RevoltAge- sound check at KUSI TV on 5/4/2012   

FishFood takin' on the stage at Humphrey's  2/2011 

Also go to LINKS to check out more current and fun videos of the talented kids from the First Friday Club!


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  • Ryan Family Charitable Foundation
  • Charlie Pendrell
  • Christiaan & Ruth Nazarian
  • Carl & Gayle Nuffer
  • Charles Eggers
  • John Malthaner
  • Lyle Beller
  • Patrick Quinn
  • Collins Youth Tennis Fund
  • Amy Denney
  • Brian Kelley
  • Mitchen Denney
  • Susan Kelley
  • Tracy Obert
  • Diane Sullivan
  • Gregg Stravos
  • Jose Carlos Delgado
  • Nicolaus Almassy
  • Sherryl Noonan
  • Chuck Northrop
  • All of the donations at events



  • Ryan Family Charitable Foundation
  • Tanner Fox 
  • PES Electric, Inc./ Paul Sullivan
  • The Holeman Family Fund/ Alejandro Raul Holcman
  • Gayle & Carl Nuffer 
  • Christiaan & Ruth Nazarian
  • John Malthaner
  • Larry Zeiger
  • Linda McNabb
  • Your Cause employee giving campaign @ AT&T
  • $50 Cup of Yo gift cards/ owner Kristin